Fireplace Accessories

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Many accessories are seasonal items. Please check with our staff for availability.


toolsets (6)Eco Fan

Maintenance Products

  • Glass Cleaner for Natural Gas Fireplace
  • Glass Cleaner for Wood Burning Fireplace
  • Creosote Cleaner (Spray and Powder)
  • Fiberglass Gasket for Wood Burning Fireplace
  • Castable Refractory Cement (Dry)
  • High Temperature Cement
  • High Temperature Silicone Sealant (Red)
  • Fire Starter Gel
  • Firebrick
  • Black Polypropylene Chimney Brush
  • Fiberglass Chimney Brush Extension Rod

Chimneys and Stove Pipes

Chimney Configurator:

  • EXCEL Stainless Steel Insulated Chimney System
  • RIS Insulated Chimney System
  • ULTRABlack Double Wall Stove Pipe System
  • EXCELiner Rigid Liner for Masonry Chimneys
  • EXCELDirect Direct Vent for Gas Fireplaces
  • Energy Top Chimney Damper