Fireplace Xtrordinair 4415 ST

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The 4415 HO See-Thru represents Fireplace Xtrordinair’s most transitional and modern linear gas fireplace yet – offering the best in home heating and style, but with double the fire view. This contemporary fireplace features a sleek, linear profile with a long row of dancing flames over a bed of glowing, under-lit crushed glass. The dynamic see-thru design gives you double the amount of fire viewing of this fireplace is perfect for serving as a stylish viewing window between two rooms, or provides a breathtaking display of fire to the center of large rooms and living spaces. The 4415 ST is also an impressive high output heater that features built-in fans which allow you to heat up to 2,100 square feet.

Heating Capacity: Up to 2,100 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input: 42,000 BTU’s / Hour
Fan: Standard
Burner System: Diamond-Fyre™
Minimum BTU Input: 21,672 (NG) BTU’s / Hour; 21,413 (LP) BTU’s / Hour
EnerGuide Efficiency Rating: 70.73% (NG), 71.71% (LP) †
GreenSmart Remote: Standard
Comfort Control: No
Glass Area: 42″ W x 13″ H ( x2 )