Intrigue 36 By Ambiance

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Intrigue 36 By Ambiance

Intrigue 36 By Ambiance


 Intrigue 36 By Ambiance Gas Fireplace comes standard with a matte black interior finish, the Ecotel programmable thermostatic remote, a 150-cfm convection fan and accent lights. You can customize the look of your Intrigue 36 to fit your home. You have the option to upgrade the exterior look with a Decorative Front (available for 2019) and also upgrade the firebox look using one of the beautiful Interior Finish.

The Ecotel Remote Control has the following features:

  • Easy On/off Manual operation
  • Thermostatic Control easy to setup
  • 6-settings to turn on and off the lights inside the fireplace
  • 6-speed operation of the convection fan


Fun, peace of mind, energy efficiency, innovation, custom designs and comfort control define the Ambiance® Fireplace. Before going to the drawing board, we always consult with over 200 veteran fireplace  and installers from coast to coast. These fireplace experts are anxious to contribute their thoughts and ideas. They simply want the best product for their customers in their local market.

Choosing our partners:

As we aim to offer the best value there is in the Ambiance products, we reach out to manufacturers who are eager to partner with our network of experts. Each of those manufacturers have become leaders in their own niche. As we partner with them, we research the Market and provide the direction to the manufacturer partners for designing the Ambiance products. The features and specifications that enhance Ambiance products versus others truly benefits everyone, starting with homeowners.

Choosing our stores:

The best product will always need to be represented and supported locally. We work hard to select the very best stores for each Market. We believe that the people involved at selling, installing an servicing are essential in our aim to satisfy homeowners. Store owners and Managers are family to us.