The All-New Regency City Series

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The All-New Regency City SeriesThe All-New Regency City Series

The All-New Regency City Series


Vaglio Fireplace is proud to carry, as the first dealer ever, the Regency City Series. Come visit it in our showroom!

Regency introduces the City Series with cutting edge contemporary design and quality. The City Series gives you the creative freedom to apply any finishing materials to the edge of a clean line gas fireplace. Maintain your standards with the warranty and support of Regency while delivering a dynamic fire all year round.

The Regency City Series features

  • A clean face design – no frames or silicone
  • Invisible glass safety barrier
  • Cool-touch wall technology
  • Decorative rated
  • Standard interior lighting
  • Proflame II system with 50% turn-down ability
  • Internal control system
  • Steel Framing Kits
  • Heatwave Kit
  • No power or cooling vents required
  • Unlimited finishing options – right to the edge!