Regency P36D

Regency P36D


Regency P36D

Traditional Gas Fireplaces

Timeless design and enduring quality are the hallmarks of the Regency Traditional Direct Vent Gas Fireplace line. Fine finishing, realistic full fires and a multitude of customizing options allow you to match design elements on your fireplace to your home. Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces do not require a chimney and can be vented directly through a wall or roof. Regency engineers have created a broad family of fireplaces so that you can enjoy a Regency almost anywhere in your home. Available for natural gas or propane.


Traditional Brochure

Maximum BTU: 30,000
Turn Down BTU: 15,500
Efficiency: 82.00%
EnerGuide Rating: 64.62%
View Area: 453 sq. in.
Room Size: Medium
Vent Type: Direct Vent

How it Looks:
Vignette surrounds in various colors
Beautiful fire with glowing logs fire grate and platinum infused glowing embers
Heat radiating ceramic glass provides maximum viewing area

How it Works:
Proflame remote control (included)
Safety screen (included)
Standing pilot system
Can control heat with up to 50% flame turn down
Direct vent technology protects your indoor air quality
Operates on natural gas or propane