Stuv 16-in

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Stuv Catalogue Wood

Impressive combustion and high efficiency make the Stûv 16-in an ideal wood-heating solution which can be used as a main or supplementary source of heating or simply for enjoyment. The Stûv 16-in’s combustion burns fuel in the best possible way in order to convert chemical energy into heat and to minimize the pollution emitted. Maximum distribution of useful heat to the building when you need it most is carried out by convection and radiation. Convection enables heat transfer thanks to the reheating and circulation of the air; radiation enables heat transfer from the system’s hot walls to the area directly surrounding it. A heating surface will be even more effective if the wall temperature is high. A large proportion of the combustion heat produced is contained in the combustion gases. The Stûv 16-in is designed in such a way that the combustion gases provide the room with as much heat as possible. The quantity of unused heat escaping outside is therefore very low and the efficiency of the system increases.