Stuv 30 Freestanding Stove

Stuv 30 Freestanding Stove

Stuv 30 Freestanding Stove


Stuv Catalogue Wood
Subtle curves for sleek and simple wood-burning stoves that let you enjoy a great view of your fire. The new version of the Stûv 30 has been totally redesigned and improved:

  • A new combustion system that improves performance and reduces
  • Emissions, especially fine particles
  • Improved air-tightness of the combustion chamber
  • Option to connect to the outside
  • Precise air management settings and a wide range of applications
  • The combustion air sweeps over the glass for a cleaner window

A stove with a proven track record

The Stûv 30 was the first stove in the series to integrate the system with three rotating doors. To change the mode of operation, simply bring the corresponding door to the front of the stove. Rotating the drum is easy and only takes a few seconds.

STÛV Rotation

1. Glass-door mode

Enjoy watching the flames safely and with excellent efficiency.

2. Closed-door mode

The solid door allows the wood to burn securely.

3. Open-door mode

Hear the crackling logs, enjoy the pleasant smell of burning wood or even have a barbecue!

Weight of the unit: 115 kg ❘ 253 Lb
Maximum power: 41 000 BTU (11 KW)
Wood consumption: >5 kg/h
Length of logs in vertical position: 50 cm | 20″
Length of logs in horizontal position: 33 cm | 13″
Air intake: N/A
Modes of operation: 3 : glass | open | closed