Stuv 95c Linear Corner Gas

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Stuv 95c Linear Corner Gas

Stuv 95c Linear Corner Gas

Welcome to the world of Stûv! Our products provide inspiration to
lay out and rearrange your interior. The story that they tell is
straightforward and warm, simple and efficient. A story where
appearance is functional and where objects blend into the architecture.
Quality and perfection are the watchwords at Stûv. To improve is to
simplify. This means refining design. It also means constant innovation
to achieve perfect harmony between pleasure and respect for the
environment. Stûv the essential fire.


The Stûv Gas fireplaces

Each fire has its own story

Stûv manufactures gas fireplaces with single burners, double burners and ‘wood’ burners. While each type has its own unique flame configuration, the primary aim is to create a genuine ‘fire experience’.

Burner: Double burner
Power: 13500 BTU (1 burner), 27000 BTU (2 burners)
Vent: 5/8
Dimensions: 41 5/8″W x 18 1/2″D x 24 3/8″H

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