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Town and Country TCW120

Product features: 48″ linear, EPA qualified wood burning fireplace AirWash technology channels airflow keeps glass spotless selection of optional Piazzetta surrounds ALUKER® interior panels capture, retain and radiate energy for stable, high-efficiency heating single-lever, left or right swinging door Boost air system for easy lighting 150,000 BTU 5 kg burn rate 8-inch flue Optional Surrounds […]

Pacific Energy FP25

TECHNICAL INFORMATION Heat Output Cord Wood (BTU): 85,000 BTU Heat Output EPA (BTU): 33,000 BTU Efficiency: 72.6% Emissions: 3.47 gm/hr Firebox Size: 2.5 cu.ft. Log Size (recommended): 18 in. Log Size (max.): 18 in. Burn Time (max.): 8 hrs Heat medium spaces with the reduced footprint of a wall-mount fireplace. The FP25 offers exceptional wood […]

Pacific Energy FP16

Built for a lifetime of clean woodburning heat, the FP16 is an exceptional heating solution for small to medium spaces. Highly efficient and EPA Certified, the FP16 zero clearance woodburning fireplace features Pacific Energy’s renowned heavy gauge steel floating firebox, high capacity stainless steel baffle system, EBT2 for extended burn times, and famous clean airwash […]

Valcourt FP12 Mundo

SPECIFICATIONS High-efficiency EPA certified fireplace Recommended heating area (sq.ft.) : 500 – 2,100 Color : Metallic black Glass air-wash system Optimum efficiency : 77 % Average particulate emissions rate : 4.4 g/h Baffle type : High heat-resistant C-cast Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion Burn rate :

Renaissance Rumford 1000

TECHNICAL SPECS Outside Dimensions: 51”W X 79 ¾”H X 27 ½“D Firebox Opening Dimensions: 28 ¼” W X 29” H Weight (ship wt add 70 lbs): 756 lbs Firewood Length : Varies depending upon stacking method Emissions w/ Door Open: 3.00 grams/kilogram Emissions w/ Door Closed: 1.00 grams/kilogram Glass Size: 1023 in2 Guillotine Door: Ceramic […]

Renaissance Rumford Linear 50

With a glass viewing width of 46” and only 15 ½” tall, the RL50 is both stylish and modern. The door and screen lift effortlessly and disappear when they are not in use. TECHNICAL SPECS Outside Dimensions: 70 7/16″W x 66 3/8″H x 28 5/8″D Shipping Weight: 1050 lbs Shipping Crate Size: 70 1/4″W x […]

Renaissance Rumford 1500

TECHNICAL SPECS Outside Dimensions 60 ½”W X 87 ½”H X 32 ¾”D Firebox Opening Dimensions 42 ½” W X 42” H (Full Dimensions) Weight (ship wt add 40 lbs) 900 lbs Firewood Length 24” maximum Emissions w/ Door Open 3.40 grams/kilogram Emissions w/ Door Closed 0.68 grams/kilogram Renaissance Fireplaces™ is the world’s first line of […]

Stuv 21

Fireplaces designed to be installed without a frame or decorative accessories. The clean lines allow the craftsman who installs the fireplace to give free rein to his creativity. The principle is simple: the glass door slides upwards and disappears behind the wall; the fireplace becomes an open fire, like a hearth. When the door is […]

Valcourt FP11 Frontenac

Dare to design… the fireplace of your dreams, while being environmentally friendly! Frontenac is not only the name of a grand hotel located in the heart of Quebec City, Canada. It is also the largest fireplace of the Valcourt brand. Majestic and imposing, this bravery symbol of the Count of Frontenac, who has fiercely defended […]

Valcourt FP7-LM Antoinette

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiated a voluntary program for manufacturers of decorative wood burning fireplaces to encourage them to produce clean wood-burning appliances that reduce air pollution. Dare to design… the fireplace of your dreams, while being environmentally friendly. The FP7-LM Antoinette wood fireplace already qualifies for phase II of that program which aims […]

Pacific Energy FP30-B Arch

Enjoy the full size and performance of the FP30 wall-mount unit, now with a classic arched door that complements traditional homes. The FP30 Arch features uncompromised features and performance: a floating firebox of heavy gauge steel, high capacity baffle system, and EBT2 extended heat technology. An easy-loading cast iron door with a large window offers […]

Pacific Energy FP30-B

Heat larger spaces with the reduced footprint of a wall-mount fireplace: the FP30 offers the best of traditional wood heat, with a contemporary look—and all the Pacific Energy extras. Handcrafted with a floating firebox of heavy gauge steel, a high capacity baffle system, and EBT2 extended heat technology, this full-featured unit is designed for a […]