Regency P33

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Perfect for smaller living spaces, the P33 offers the stylish options of the Panorama family in a compact size. This slim fireplace is frequently featured in bedrooms, kitchens and dens; quietly warming or dramatically focusing attention on the incredible Regency fire.

Maximum BTU: 20,000
Turn Down BTU: 14,000
Efficiency: 76.00%
EnerGuide Rating: 65.50%
View Area: 416 sq. in.
Room Size: Small-Medium
Vent Type: Direct Vent

How it Looks:
Vignette surrounds in various colors
Slim box fireplace
Dramatic fire with hand painted ceramic log and platinum infused glowing embers
Can control heat with up to 50% flame turn down
Platinum infused glowing embers enhance the fire

How it Works:
Proflame remote control (included)
Safety screen (included)
Standing pilot system or electronic ignition
Can control heat with up to 50% flame turn down
Direct vent technology protects your indoor air quality
Operates on natural gas or propane