Renaissance Rumford 1000

Outside Dimensions: 51”W X 79 ¾”H X 27 ½“D
Firebox Opening Dimensions: 28 ¼” W X 29” H
Weight (ship wt add 70 lbs): 756 lbs
Firewood Length : Varies depending upon stacking method
Emissions w/ Door Open: 3.00 grams/kilogram
Emissions w/ Door Closed: 1.00 grams/kilogram
Glass Size: 1023 in2
Guillotine Door: Ceramic Glass
Firescreen: Guillotine Design
Andirons: Cast Iron

The Renaissance Rumford™ model was the world’s first certified open-door clean-burning fireplace. The design is taken from a true Rumford fireplace, making it much taller than a traditional fireplace. The shape of a Rumford fireplace is renowned for an unparalleled level of performance. Our patented Rumford design has taken the traditional elements of a Rumford fireplace to the next level thanks to custom engineering, precision manufacturing, and quality materials.