Supreme Novo 24

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Supreme Novo 24

Supreme Novo 24

Supreme Novo Series Wood Stove Collection

Its form and style will make a lovely addition to any room of the home, cottage, chalet or condo.  The Supreme Novo can be installed on top of the optional pedestal, creating a stylish wood storage space or mounted directly the floor or on your custom made base.

You can also choose between the soapstone or cast iron firebox panels.  Soapstone, is not only beautiful, it will hold the heat for hours after the fire has died down.  The cast iron panel is reversible to match any decor.  One side is a traditional brick liner and the other a contemporary pattern.

The Novo is the perfect choice for those who wish to introduce contemporary heating design to their home while simultaneously drawing on Supreme’s long tradition of craftsmanship and market-leading technology.

Stainless Steel FireBox

A result of more than 30 years of pioneering research and development, our combustion chamber provides superior heat transfer; within minutes of lighting, radiant warmth will be permeating your home. Unlike traditional fireboxes built with refractory bricks, prone to cracking, our heavy-duty chamber will last the test of time. We guarantee its reliability and durability with a market-leading, 25-year limited lifetime warranty.   (Either Cast Iron Panels or Soapstone Panels will be added to the insert to meat EPA requirements)


Model:                            Novo 18              Novo 24           

Max Log Length:           18 in                    24 in

Burn Time                      4 to 8 hrs             6 to 10 hrs

Firebox Volume:             1.8 ft3                 3.1 ft3

Heating Area:                 500-1000            500-2000

EPA Emissions               1.99g/hr              1.77 g/hr

HHV Efficiency              61.3%                67.14%

EPA Heat Output            9,756-18,805     10,125-25,944

Optimum Efficiency:      75%                   75%

Optimum Heat Output:   60,000 BTU      75,000 BTU

Glass Dimensions           17.25″x11.75″   24″x12.75″

Room Air Blower           Standard            Standard

Outside Air                     Optional            Optional