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Morso 1410 Squirrel Wood Stove

The MORSØ 1410 SQUIRREL SIDES stove has an exceptional viewing window for such a small multi-fuel cast iron stove. Morsø 1410 is a classic radiant wood stove that will quickly and efficiently heat small rooms. A traditional wood stove decorated with Morsø’s classic squirrel relief on both sides. Despite its compact design, the stove has a powerful 5kw rated output making it ideal for a country cottage or city living. The 1410 is equipped with a riddling grate and ash pan, which makes it easy to remove the ash and clean the stove. Morsø’s air wash system will maintain a clear glass, maximising your enjoyment of the stove.

Product Description

Versatile and practical

Morsø 1410 wood stove comes equipped with riddling grate, ash tray and ashpan, making it easy to remove ash and clean the stove. Morsø’s combustion system with airwash ensures that the glass always remains clean when the stove is correctly fired.



  • Radiant Heat
  • Ash Can
  • Airwash system
  • Riddling grate system
  • Primary air supply
  • Secondary air supply


  • Radiant Heat
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Gasketed seams for tight seals
  • Chromium treated internal casting for durab
  • Reversible flue collar
  • Non-catalytic burn technology
  • Clean-burning air wash system
  • Riddling grate system/shaker grate


  • Wood


  • EPA

Maximum Heat 30,000
Log size 12″
Max. Area Heated 1000 ft2
Firebox Dimensions 12 1/4″ W x 10 3/4″ D
Firebox volume/capacity 0.736 ft3
Outside air supply Not available
Gross Weight 215 lbs
Rated Output (kw) 5
Height (mm) 703
Width (mm) 388
Dept (mm) 368
Flue outlet top Ø 80
Flue outlet rear Ø 80
Weight (kg) 70
Chamber Width (cm) 28


Rear (mm) 100
Sides (mm) 600

Basic Clearance using single wall pipe top vent
Stove to side wall 20″
Stove to rear wall 16″
Stove to corner 14″

Basic Clearance using double wall pipe top vent
Stove to side wall 20″
Stove to rear wall 6″
Stove to corner 14″