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Supreme Novo 18 Wood Stove

If viewing the fire is a priority for you and your family, we highly recommend the Supreme Novo Wood Stove. This unique wood stove, has very little frame and is all glass.

Product Description

Its form and style will make a lovely addition to any room of the home, cottage, chalet or condo. The Supreme Novo can be installed on top of the optional pedestal, creating a stylish wood storage space or mounted directly the floor or on your custom made base.

You can also choose between the soapstone or cast iron firebox panels. Soapstone, is not only beautiful, it will hold the heat for hours after the fire has died down. The cast iron panel is reversible to match any decor. One side is a traditional brick liner and the other a contemporary pattern.

The Novo is the perfect choice for those who wish to introduce contemporary heating design to their home while simultaneously drawing on Supreme’s long tradition of craftsmanship and market-leading technology.

Distinguished by its clean lines and harmonious ratios, the SUPREME NOVO 18 WOOD BURNING STOVE integrates into all manner of interior schemes. With its exceptional versatility, it embodies the ultimate culmination of contemporary form and function. It can sit directly on the floor, or can be elevated on a podium, creating a wood storage space that becomes an attractive feature in its own right.

You are also able to customize the appearance of the firebox by choosing between two materials: soapstone and cast iron. Both are incredibly durable and heat-efficient, yet offer distinct aesthetic appeal. With its ability to bring both beauty and indelible comfort to any home, the SUPREME NOVO 18 WOOD BURNING STOVE represents an exciting new frontier of modern heating.


Supreme Novo 18 Wood Stove Specifications

Max Log Length: 18 in
Burn Time 4 to 8 hrs
Firebox Volume: 1.8 ft3
Heating Area: 500-1,000
EPA Emissions 1.99g/hr
HHV Efficiency 61.3%
EPA Heat Output 9,756-18,805
Optimum Efficiency: 75%
Optimum Heat Output: 60,000 BTU
Glass Dimensions 17 1/4″x 11 7/8″
Blower – Standard