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Regency Grandview G800EC Fireplace

Choose stunning flame picture, choose your accessories, and create a one-of-a-kind fireplace. The Regency Grandview G800EC is the first of our Grandview series of gas fireplaces that are designed to maximize choice and customization.

Product Description

Largest viewing area in its class with clean front design

  • Choose from a log grate and traditional style log package or contemporary crystal tray
  • Cool Wall system to allow for any finishing material right to the edge of the fireplace
  • Standard top down and ember-bed lighting
  • Flame height adjustment control
  • Proflame II GTMF remote control
  • Rear or top vent for versatile installations


1.Class-Leading Specifications:

  • Largest Viewing Area
  • Lowest Clearances

2. Give Customers Choice

  • Range of options for every look
  • Traditional or Contemporary
  • Mix and Match accessories to create their dream fireplace
  • Clean Front, Seamless Look, or Outside Finish with a Faceplate
  • Unlimited Finishing – Cool Wall Technology allows for unlimited finishing right to the edge

3. Easy Installation

  • Place it anywhere: top, rear, or power venting (coming soon)
  • Quickly and easily convert from top to rear venting
  • Reduced clearances to combustibles
  • Cool Wall Technology Included: Hang TVs or Place Artwork Anywhere
  • Servicing has never been easier. Improved accessibility makes adjustments fast and easy.

4. Save Customers Money

  • Save on finishing costs with Cool Wall Technology.
  • Use wood framing or choose any finishing material even wood, dry wall or wall paper.
  • No need for expensive non-combustible finishing… unless you want that look; the options are endless.

Product Size: Medium
View Area: 800 sq.in.
Room Size: Medium
Vent Type: Direct Vent
Vent Size (Air Intake): 6-5/8″
Vent Size (Exhaust): 4″

Unit Dimensions

Width (front): 36 in.
Height: 34 in.
Depth: 17 in.

Energy Specifications NG LP
Maximum BTU 27,000 25,500
Turn Down BTU 15,000 21,000
Efficiency 65.20% 68.16%
EnerGuide Rating 58.22% 60.92%