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JOTUL GF 200 DV II Lillehammer

JOTUL GF 200 DV II Lillehammer is Designed in collaboration with world-renowned designers and Jotul’s well-regarded in house engineers, the open door GF 200 DV II Lillehammer possesses old world charm and impressive efficiency in a compact stove.

Product Description

Incorporating Jøtul’s revolutionary cast iron and stainless steel burner, the JøtulBurner™, the Jøtul GF 200 DV II Lillehammer is the perfect stove for your bedroom…or any other room in your home.

Popular options include: variable speed blower fan kit, antique brick panel kit (molded from real brick), floor bracket kit (for mobile home installations), wall thermostat, remote control, a choice of enamel colors or Classic Matte Black Paint.


Jøtul has produced stoves from cast iron since 1853. This is an extremely suitable material that endures high temperatures and rapid changes in temperature. That’s why Jøtul chooses cast iron for their stoves, just like car manufacturers use cast iron for their engines


Product Features

  • Revolutionary JøtulBurner™ delivers unsurpassed gas burner technology and flame picture realism
  • 50% heat control turn down
  • Handcrafted ceramic fiber log set burns with the warm glow of a real wood fire
  • No electricity required to operate unit
  • Mobile home and bedroom approved
  • Available in matte black paint or majolica brown enamel
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Max 20,000 BTU’s – heats up to 800 square feet

Product Options

  • Long leg kit
  • Antique Brick panel kit
  • Wall thermostat
  • Remote control
  • Floor bracket kit
  • Blower