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Valor Madrona Freestanding Gas Stove

Product Description

Valor Madrona Gas Stove:
Comes standard with fully functional remote control, adjustable flame height, programable thermostat, on/off.

AutoFire Technology ( means no standing pilot)

Available in arched, square, and modern styles, the Madrona projects warmth and ambiance in any living space.
In addition to the clean lines and cast-iron craftsmanship, this functional unit provides energy-efficient, radiant heating throughout your home.


NG MF28JN – 26,000 – 6,500 BTU’S
LP MF28JP – 26,000 – 14,500 BTU’S

Square viewing area: 21 3/4″ W x 13″ H
Arched viewing area: 20 3/8″ W x 13 1/2″ H
Modern viewing area: 21 3/8″ W x 13″ H