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Valor L1 See-Through Gas Fireplace

Product Description

L1 See-Thru Gas Fireplace

A seamless transition between architectural spaces, the L1 See-Thru boasts the same widescreen proportions as the highly successful L1. Connect living spaces through visual appeal and practical Valor warmth, and provide efficient zone heating in two separate spaces.

The See-Thru also supports the Valor HeatShift System™, which is highly recommended for installations where surrounding structural areas must remain at cooler temperatures.


ModelMax     InputMin     InputMax    Output    Energuide
1600KN         30,000          18,000         22,116      69.00%
1600KP          26,000          18,500         19,198      69.00%

Viewing Area 40″ w x 14 ½” h = 580″²