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Renaissance Rumford 1000 Wood Fireplace

The Renaissance Rumford™ model was the world’s first certified open-door clean-burning fireplace. The design is taken from a true Rumford fireplace, making it much taller than a traditional fireplace. The shape of a Rumford fireplace is renowned for an unparalleled level of performance. Our patented Rumford design has taken the traditional elements of a Rumford fireplace to the next level thanks to custom engineering, precision manufacturing, and quality materials.

Product Description

The Renaissance Rumford™ model is so clean burning that when using normal air-dried firewood there is typically no visible smoke within two minutes of lighting the fire, even with the door open.

According to independent certification testing:

  • Emissions with the door open are no higher than 3.4 g/kg, which is approximately 70% less than a typical fireplace with the door open;
  • Emissions with the door closed are no higher than 1.0 g/kg, which is approximately 90% less than a typical fireplace with the door closed.

With its hideaway door, the Renaissance Rumford model is the ultimate clean-face wood burning fireplace. The mechanical parts disappear leaving a gorgeous herringbone firebox and a clean canvas for the finishing designer.


Why do Renaissance Rumford fireplaces burn so much more cleanly than regular fireplaces?

  • The key to lowering emissions is achieving and maintaining very high temperatures which allow volatile gasses and particulates to burn. This is precisely how EPA-certified wood burning stoves burn cleanly. Making this happen in an open fireplace was the challenge.
  • How did we do it? It wasn’t with an easy solution or with mystery technology! We simply combined a wide range of features into the Rumford model which has made it the cleanest burning open fireplace ever made.
  • The ultimate advantage is that cleaner fires are more beautiful fires. A Renaissance Rumford™ fire is so incredibly tall, bright, and lively that you need to see it to appreciate it. The Rumford firebox provides a vertical fire-viewing experience that is superior to much larger conventional fireplaces.
  • The Renaissance Rumford is the first open fireplace of its kind, applying modern physics to an 18th-century design to produce breathtaking fires and foster a greener planet.
  • Surprisingly, because the fire is so much hotter than traditional fireplaces, the efficiency of the Renaissance Rumford is much greater than other open fireplaces. Burning with the door closed makes the Renaissance Rumford a surprisingly efficient fireplace.


Outside Dimensions: 51”W X 79 ¾”H X 27 ½“D
Firebox Opening Dimensions: 28 ¼” W X 29” H
Weight (ship wt add 70 lbs): 756 lbs
Firewood Length : Varies depending upon stacking method
Emissions w/ Door Open: 3.00 grams/kilogram
Emissions w/ Door Closed: 1.00 grams/kilogram
Glass Size: 1023 in2
Guillotine Door: Ceramic Glass
Firescreen: Guillotine Design
Andirons: Cast Iron