Stuv 30 compact H

Stuv 30 compact H

Stuv 30 compact H can be fitted with an accumulator unit which stores part of the heat produced by the combustion of wood. This accumulated energy will continue to dissipate for several hours after the fire has died.

.Stuv 30 compact H


Glass-door, open-door and closed-door: 3 in 1!

To change the mode of operation, simply bring the corresponding door to the front of the stove. Rotating the drum is easy and only takes a few seconds.

STÛV Rotation

Stuv 30 compact H

Air for combustion

Because houses today are more airtight, the Stûv 30-compact is designed to draw the combustion air from outside.

Amazing performance

With its smaller combustion chamber, the Stûv 30-compact maintains a temperature that enables clean combustion.

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